Artist Statement

My name is Brenda Raynard.  I've been a visual artist working from my home studio on Treaty 6 Lands in Edmonton since 2000.  
My art practise has focused exclusively on watercolour painting after taking an introductory course in 2017. 
I'm known as something of a 'Maven of Masking Fluid' amongst my friends.  I was a commercial screen-printer over several summers when I was in university. Now I find myself reliving that process when I'm strategically layering watercolour and masking fluid. Then, as with printmaking, once all the layers are dry (yes, I am that person who enjoys watching paint dry),  the final image is revealed by peeling off the masking fluid.
Making art is a process of continual informed and intuitive decisions that come from years of experience as well as happy accidents that inevitably move my art in new and exciting directions.