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What Next?

It's especially stressful to complete a project when there is nothing new in sight. I had been concerned about this eventuality for months as it is very rare for me to not have something on the go at all times. Was I finished with cross stitch? What was inspiring me? What next?

Ultimately, the answer was 'Yes' the stitching needed to continue. But which one? These three already have a completed piece to pair with so it felt natural to add to a series in progress.

The source images are from the storage yard at the commercial roofing company where I am responsible for payroll and accounts receivable. In 2011 I spent a hot July afternoon wandering around taking hundreds of photos of the equipment and materials.

The fact these images still inspire mean I'm not done with them yet.

I selected this image of the side of a tar kettle beautifully spider-webbed with strings of tar. This is very clearly a form of calligraphy to me so I've decided to call the series "Bitumen Script: Roofer Calligraphy".

Here it is in progress:

The finished piece is far-removed from its source as I see underwater imagery of seaweed and the light from a tropical sun shining through.

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